Barry comes from the Lake District of England where he had a passion for photography and walking the hills of the Lakes District home of Wainwright and Wordsworth.  Barry was interested in art at school but started painting some 17 years ago in water colours, joining the Brisbane watercolour society and undertaking tuition from Michele Retschlag a talented teacher and also taking several classes with Kev Smith.

Barry loves watercolour with its translucency and unexpected results from this hard medium but has recently turned his attention to Pastels joining the Pastel Society and studying with Gail Higgins and Patricia Taylor to understand this lovely medium and the way the effects of this medium can be manipulated.

Painting mainly landscapes has been his passion but also water, seascapes, boats and more recently birds and animals but is always adding to his repertoire of ideas.  He has also been asked to paint several dogs and recently a street scene of Jacarandas which is being sent to the UK.  With this Barry has been involved with starting framing of his paintings and also for others of prints and other memorabilia.

With every challenge in a painting a new one arrives and so each time a stroke of the brush or the mark of a Pastel brings something new.  Trying to convey a place, a theme or a story is a challenge and so the painting must go on.

Barry looks forward to the next painting and hopefully one that you may one day hang up in a special place in your home or Office. 

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