As a child growing up in Queensland, I enjoyed drawing birds and various animals so I guess the desire to do something artistic has always existed within me.

However, I never pursued this in any way until later in life.  I did start to attend art classes in Sydney, but the offer of employment and family commitments fairly soon took precedence.

It was not until my husband and I joined the ‘Grey Nomads’ in 2007, struck by the diversity and beauty of the Australian landscape, I found myself purchasing a set of pastels in Broome and eventually by the time we arrived home I had purchased a basic set of oil paints.

From this time, I attended art classes with Great Lakes Art Society and as many workshops as possible, many with well-known artists from the mid North Coast of NSW, the Hunter Valley and Sydney.

In 2012 I was fortunate to win an Award in The Great Lakes Open Exhibition.  I have been placed in shows and have received a number of Highly Commended during the time I have been exhibiting.

I have not lived in the Redlands for many years and I find myself once again appreciating the beauty of the Moreton Bay area and I am looking forward to trying to capture that beauty in oils and pastels.

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