Nicole’s previous working life was in law having owned and managed a busy law firm in Manly, Queensland with her husband for 20 years.  She now enjoys quiet space at her home studio also in Manly where the beauty of her local bayside area provides endless inspiration for her craft.

In 2012 Nicole was drawn to ceramics and enrolled in various courses absorbing all things clay including Brisbane Institute of Art Ceramics semester classes.

At present she’s keen to explore and achieve soft, gentle, curved formations. She loves the movement both in the glazes and clay forms of her pieces. This natural flow extends into her current body of work as she draws inspiration from natural objects including fungi coral, feather stars, and sea urchins, found in the underwater world nearby to home.

Currently Nicole hand builds her pieces largely using white earthenware clay with brush-on glazes.  Earthenware is a low-fire clay meaning her pieces are heated to 1060 degrees which allows the vibrant colours to endure.  Many of her pieces remain partially unglazed as she feels the matte smooth clay finish flanking the translucent glossy glaze gives impact.  Due to earthenware clay’s porosity, Nicole applies all partially glazed pieces with a non-toxic, water based sealer allowing each piece to be waterproof and food safe.

Nicole’s work will add a gentle yet striking contribution to any collection. Each piece is created with her ethos of unstructured soft lines, enhanced by subtle use of natural hues to give it life. Many of these pieces are also functional, which make them an ideal choice for a discerning and thoughtful gift.

Nicole’s inspiration can be found in anything and everything nature has to offer and her pieces are constantly evolving.

Visit Nicole’s ClayPress Ceramics social pages to view her latest work.