Renate Ayling was born in the South of Germany in 1947. From her earliest memories she loved to draw, but because of work and family commitments she never had the time to get into the art. However, whenever Renate had the opportunity, she would visit Art Galleries all over Europe and hoped one day she would start to draw and paint.

Renate married in 1982 her 2nd Husband Tony. He was an English man. After her son Adam was born in Munich where she lived since 1956, they decided to move to England. In 1989 the family emigrated to Australia and settled in Brisbane.

After a year living in Thorneside she met a mother from her sons’ school who introduced her to China Painting, which Renate enjoyed for a couple of years. Renate wanted to learn and experience more and started watercolour classes with Ruby Eaves and then went on to join Vikky Harvey’s Fine Art School where she learnt drawing using graphite pencils and later pastels.  She stayed with Vikky for 5 years and learnt a lot and enjoyed her new experiences. Personal circumstances stopped her going back to the Art for a few years.

Renate re-joined Vikky Harvey’s again years later and started using acrylic and mixed mediums and now continues to paint and experiment with different styles and mediums at home.

Renate also enjoys painting Greeting Cards for all occasions. Her favoured motives are wildlife, landscape and Renate enjoys the challenges of Portraits as well.