Artist Statement – Cheryl Ford

Cheryl Ford is a Brisbane based artist born in the Northern NSW country town of Mullumbimby.  Cheryl enjoys working across a variety of mediums which include coloured pencils, pastels, mixed media, acrylics and oils. 

Cheryl’s lifelong love of painting and drawing began in her youth, when she used to draw over her school exercise books while in class lessons.

Early retirement in 2017, finally presented Cheryl with the opportunity to develop her love of art further and also meant she finally had the time to experiment with a wide range of mediums. This desire to explore new techniques and mediums saw Cheryl attend many classes which further enabled her to continue to expand her knowledge and skill. 

Cheryl takes inspiration from the beauty of this amazing country and its flora and fauna.  Cheryl finds the making of art to be relaxing and rewarding but also challenging. This drives her to continue to develop and improve her art practice. 

Certificate of achievement NHI101 – University of Newcastle