My Art Journey

I am originally a Nth Qlder spending my early childhood in Cairns. When my father was transferred to Mt Isa, my fascination with other cultures began. School was a “melting pot”, including indigenous students, Northern Europeans and Anglo-Saxons.  As most of my class were Finns & Germans signs hung over the door “English only to be spoken here!”.  My family story too is one of migration. It includes British, Germans, Jews, Scandinavians & Negro & Sth American Indian ancestry from Nigerian & Caribbean. 

 My earliest memory involving art was when I was given crayons to help keep me entertained whilst ill as a child. Their vivid colours, the greasy residue & oily smell delighted me. That was the beginning. At about 8 years I began to enter my first “Art” competitions. Naturally I chose Art as a major subject during my secondary education, enjoying the theory behind the practice. Whilst studying Education I still carried a sketch pad as I travelled about. Later I enrolled in 2 life drawing classes and continued sketching friends & family.

After retiring from 34 years as a Humanities Teacher, I decided to return to art. First, classes with a wonderful Sth American until she returned to Brazil. Next, joining a Donald Simpson Art Group which helped me gain more skill & greater confidence. The more experienced members were very generous in their support and assistance. This resulted in me finally exhibiting and selling my work.

My travels ‘back-packing’ & touring overseas have provided opportunity to visit & appreciate famous works in galleries in India, Asia, Britain, Europe, Nth Africa & Nth America. Two favourites are the Van Gogh Art Gallery in Amsterdam and The American Impressionist in the Washington Smithsonian: luminous colours, satin skin tones, exacting textures, subtle studies of light etc.

Reoccurring themes;
#seascapes & marine life, 
#multicultural themes eg Early morning in Amsterdam.

 My style includes Semi-abstract & Impressionism. Currently working in Acrylics but also rediscovering oils.

Joining the Old School House Gallery combines my two favourite subjects; History & Art. I look forward to a happy, productive and long association.

Marg O’Neill