Christine Earthrowl

I began watercolour painting about 11 years ago while working in the bush with my geologist partner in the Northern Territory. I had only lived in towns beforehand and couldn’t believe the beauty of the native bush in particular the colourful and textured bark of the local eucalypts and other native plants.

As a way of expressing my wonder and awe I started painting some of these barks and flowers in watercolour to allow others to see and appreciate this beauty. Living out of town, I gathered books and magazines to help me on my watercolour journey.  I believe a painting can draw us in to its subject whether that is the beauty of the world around us or figures and portraits with their personal stories.  Paintings can offer us moments of peace and joy and renewed energy to continue with our day and life’s stresses by taking us somewhere else for a time to notice something beautiful, to completely switch off from our own world, to learn new things or just to have a breather and come away with a smile. The act of painting itself also does this.

As well as bark and flowers Portraiture has actually become another favourite of mine – especially since beautiful grandchildren have come into my life!

A couple of years ago while living in Tasmania, by request, I started teaching small groups who wanted to learn watercolours. I agreed because I believed it was a way of helping others have some time out from their busy lives to create something of their own. This has been a most rewarding journey for me and a way of sharing this amazing medium. I think I learnt more than the class sometimes! It was a great way to explore new subjects and techniques which took me out of my comfort zone!

Now we have settled in the Redlands (closer to family than Tassie!) I will get back into painting the beauty of the world around here and look forward to continuing my watercolour journey where one never stop learning.

Christine Earthrowl
Victoria Point