After having a successful career working with numbers and finance, I saw woodworking as not only a great relaxation activity you can do by yourself but satisfied my passion to create something with my hands.

Working with a wood lathe and a chisel I try to achieve something that not only enhances the piece I am creating but shows off the timber in its natural beauty.  The wonders of the grain in a piece of timber not only have to be cut the correct way but also shaped to please my eye and finished in a way that is very tactile to hold.

My wood is sourced from environmentally responsible locations with either a fallen tree or non- indigenous species that are being eradicated.

My other passion is the sea and sailing and whilst on many trips to our beaches I have a collection of shells which now adorn some of my pieces to enhance their beauty.

Enjoy the hand crafted pieces I have made and are on show in the Gallery.