Greg has been drawing for as long as he can remember but he’s been a painter for eleven years. He got his first set of watercolours for his thirteenth birthday and completed his first picture in about fifteen minutes. The earliest experience of art he can remember was making a sculpture at school in New Zealand at age six. A green apple with toothpicks in it called “The Incredible Hulk”. Greg’s painting paints in acrylic, and gouache with pen and ink. He sold his first picture at 19, when he entered a competition with the theme Brisbane’s Environmental Heritage with a painting of the City Botanic Gardens. Greg paints landscapes using photographic references. Sometimes the landscapes are of real places, other times they’re just made up. He has also tried portraiture. Greg’s work is held in private collections in Mexico, Wales, England and Belgium. Greg has also created a a series of “futuristic” scenes and is inspired by the detailed work of fantasy artists such as Chris Moore, Tim White, Jim Burns, Bob Eggleton and Fred Gambino. In late 1998, Greg had an exhibition of “fantasy art” at the Sugar ‘n Spice cafe. Since leaving school he has studied graphic design part-time at Morningside TAFE. He is currently studying Fine Art full-time at the Queensland College of Art and has a passion to work as a graphic designer or illustrator.