I’ve always had a love for Art, which started in my early childhood years with chalk drawings on just about anything, concrete pathways, walls no flat surface was safe. It wasn’t until my senior years at high school when I discovered oil paints that I realised that painting was going to play such a big part in my life.  I started with landscapes and seascapes around the Gold Coast, however with no formal training I relied on the techniques of the old masters like Rembrandt and Van Gough and would replicate their works from photographs in art books.

Over the years my techniques have broadened and now I have the time to tell the story in layers on the canvas. I still paint in the traditional manner and love ‘still life, portraits and seascapes but I am willing to attempt new subjects to paint.  Recently I finished a private commission for a landscape view of Brisbane’s Story Bridge and the city’s backdrop from New Farm cliffs.  This painting took me out of my comfort zone but the end result was very satisfying and added to my experience portfolio.  I am still learning and will continue to do so.

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