Art has been the defining force of my life. I see it everywhere. In lines and shapes, colours, and patterns. The majority of my life has been as a performing artist, a dancer and a dance teacher; however just as the performing arts requires an awareness and empathy for light and shade, space and colour, and sensitivity to expression and form, in directing my passion now to the visual arts as an abstract photographer and abstract painter, it is only the instrument and the medium that has changed. All art mediums bring me joy, the instrument becomes the extension of the heart. I prefer the abstracted and, as a choreographer allows the music and the mood to shape a dance, so too do I allow the paint, pen, brush, crayon, pencil to lead the direction a piece chooses to take, and the expression it may wish to reveal.

My work varies from acrylic on canvas or paper, to collaged and printed textures, ink, and utilises a variety of mark marking using a variety of mark making tools. I generally have no theme but allow the work free rein. I enjoy the surprises.