‘Good quality photographs are about understanding the nature and quality of light, regardless of subject matter’. Mike Scott is a trained professional photographer with a fully-equipped studio in Wellington Point.

Mike was born in the UK before the advent of colour photography and his background and training are in mechanical engineering. He worked for many years as a maintenance engineer in the steel, copper and aluminium industries in the UK, Zambia, Iran and Dubai before emigrating to Australia in 2001.

Mike has been an enthusiastic photographer for most of his life with his roots firmly steeped in traditional photographic techniques and processes. After moving to the Redlands to live and work, he trained for two years full-time as a professional photographer before establishing his own Brisbane based photography business in Wellington Point, aptly named BeamMeUp Photos.

A keen advocate of traditional photography, Mike believes that the art of good quality imagery still lies firmly in the eye of the photographer. Having recognized the need several years ago however to move with the ‘digital revolution’, he now works almost exclusively with digital images and processes.

Mike’s portfolio covers many areas of photography, ranging from weddings, portraits, landscape, commercial, website, events, retail product, glamour and fine art nudes. ‘After all’, says Mike, ‘photography is in itself a specialized subject, and good quality photographs are all about understanding the nature and quality of light, regardless of subject matter’. The diverse range of images on Mike’s website, www.beammeup.com.au, are designed to demonstrate exactly that point. That the true art of photographic imagery lies in understanding and using light to produce powerful images that have a lasting impact on the observer.