Stephen (Steve) SCHUHMACHER.

After a lifetime as a primary school teacher and sports coach who had difficulty thinking what I could do for Art class, the last thing I ever saw myself doing was joining an Artist’s gallery. I never thought of myself as artistic in any way, but wood has opened the door for my expression.

Throughout my life, whenever I saw a demonstration of woodturning, I had to stop and watch, so when retirement required more activity than golf, I was lucky enough to find Bayside Woodturners and Woodcrafters Club. In a very friendly and helpful environment, I learned the basics which has opened up a whole new world for me. I now teach others, judge other club’s competitions and display my work at various shows in SE Qld.

While ‘turning” is my favoured activity, my therapy, and my forte, I dabble in other areas of woodwork which are catered for at the Club. I also lead the Toy-making Group making items which we distribute to various Kindergartens.

My stock in trade from the lathe is ‘bowls’ but experimentation with various methods of enhancement, and combining turning with carving and joinery has led to some of my more complex pieces.

My medium is wood. My favorite timber is Camphor Laurel but it is always interesting to discover the grain, pattern, textures and other properties of other woods. All my wood is sourced from felled timber which allows me to follow the path from log to finished item and therein lies the attraction of woodwork.