Artist Statement

Imagine a little freckle faced girl named Suzy running around outside with a bug catcher, naming butterflies, making mud pies and getting her hands dirty in the family veggie patch. What a wonderful introduction to the sparkling wonder of nature and its many wonderful tiny creatures.

Well, I am all grown up now but the little freckle faced girl I was, inspires me to make gardens sing by creating artistic gems that are recycled and environmentally friendly, with a sense of merriment and whimsy.

I love to treasure hunt in op shops and country stalls to find the discarded and unwanted items singing out to be made anew.  And for a truly individual touch for each creation, I enlist the supported work force of Multipcap Monte Lupo Brisbane to hand make flowers and ceramics to include in my treasure collection.

I never quite know what I will create as the selection of a single item, guides the shape, feel and look of each piece.  But it is thrilling to bring beauty and possibility to the unusual or the ordinary – like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

Although each item takes on a personality of its own – the essence of each design is to pay tribute to the natural world we love and live in, and by helping the thrown-out treasures become useful again is to trust the magic of new beginnings.

I truly believe that transformation is good for the soul and I hope you do to.

How do Bee Baths assist with natures conservation?  Each day certain bees in a hive are sent to work solely to find a water source.  More bees in your garden means better pollination of your flowers, fruits and vegetables. And a stronger and healthier hive.  Win win situation for the bees and the gardeners.

Why do I have different levels in the Bee Baths?  If bees get their wings wet, and can’t climb out of the water successfully, they will drown!  This applies to a lot of other insects as well.  By having various levels, our little pollinators have plenty of ways to climb out.

My Bee-Butterfly-Insect-Bird baths are made and sealed with non-toxic products for all animals great and small who may pass by for a drink.

Suzy Bryer  0411 284 512