Artist Statement

I was born and grew up on the Gold Coast and very early in life developed an affinity for the ocean. This is evident in my seascapes and fascination with water and light.

Throughout my lifelong career as a nurse – I have never lost the passion for painting – in fact it sustained me through many of life’s stressful events!

Now, recently retired to Coochiemudlo Island, I am surrounded by a beautiful environment and the bay at my doorstep. Since my retirement I have the time and energy to fully immerse myself in painting! I paint almost exclusively in Pastel – a medium I believe best captures the light, shade, colour and vibrancy present in the natural environment.

Whilst my paintings are derived from (and have strong visual reference to) the real world  – my  choice of subject – be it landscape, seascape or portrait –  is designed to evoke a sense of mood, reflection and connection.