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Jill McLean

Jillian is a Queensland artist originally from regional Victoria, near the Surf Coast, but has been based in Brisbane for many years. Her love of water instilled from those early years.  Art has always been a passion of hers, since childhood, when she began sketching portraits in charcoal. In recent years she has returned to her art.  Initially she picked up acrylics paints, then oils, and now watercolours.  Jillian has travelled widely, both overseas and within Australia, which has provided…

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Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson Bowl turner Perhaps this should read “Tree lover and planter”. I have always bestrewn my yard with tree seedlings and taken pleasure in their growth. (I admit the Grandis Gum, which I planted as a 75 mm seedling next to the fence and which grew 20 metres in five years, made my pleasure a bit wobbly). In this as in other things, I swam against the tide as my father was of the pioneer mentality – chop it…

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Deirdre Moran

Artist Statement I was born and grew up on the Gold Coast and very early in life developed an affinity for the ocean. This is evident in my seascapes and fascination with water and light. Throughout my lifelong career as a nurse – I have never lost the passion for painting – in fact it sustained me through many of life’s stressful events! Now, recently retired to Coochiemudlo Island, I am surrounded by a beautiful environment and the bay at…

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Caroline Ness

Artist Statement Our world is a fascinating place. Sitting and trying to capture some of the sights and beautyon paper (or canvas) is an absorbing and challenging endeavour—but I love it. I have been lucky enough to do this in pencil and acrylic (at school), in oil paint and pastels (in Melbourne), and in watercolours since moving to the Tweed/Gold Coast region. From my high school art teachers to Patrick Moss, John Lovett, Greg Allen, Charles Reid and Judith White,…

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Cheryl Ford

Artist Statement – Cheryl Ford Cheryl Ford is a Brisbane based artist born in the Northern NSW country town of Mullumbimby.  Cheryl enjoys working across a variety of mediums which include coloured pencils, pastels, mixed media, acrylics and oils.  Cheryl’s lifelong love of painting and drawing began in her youth, when she used to draw over her school exercise books while in class lessons. Early retirement in 2017, finally presented Cheryl with the opportunity to develop her love of art…

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Nicole Speakman

NICOLE SPEAKMAN Nicole Speakman’s previous working life was in law having owned and managed a busy law firm in Manly, Queensland with her husband from 1993 to 2019. She now enjoys quiet space at her home studio also in Manly where the beauty of her local bayside area provides endless inspiration for her craft. In 2012 Nicole was drawn to ceramics and enrolled in various courses absorbing all things clay. At present she’s keen to explore and achieve soft, gentle,…

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Christine Earthrowl

Christine Earthrowl I began watercolour painting about 11 years ago while working in the bush with my geologist partner in the Northern Territory. I had only lived in towns beforehand and couldn’t believe the beauty of the native bush in particular the colourful and textured bark of the local eucalypts and other native plants. As a way of expressing my wonder and awe I started painting some of these barks and flowers in watercolour to allow others to see and…

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Jenny Fidler

I’ve always had a love for Art, which started in my early childhood years with chalk drawings on just about anything, concrete pathways, walls no flat surface was safe. It wasn’t until my senior years at high school when I discovered oil paints that I realised that painting was going to play such a big part in my life.  I started with landscapes and seascapes around the Gold Coast, however with no formal training I relied on the techniques of…

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