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Carys Martin

Carys’s inspiration is drawn from the natural environment, ancient artefacts and cultures, along with the myriad options for surface design and finish. Carys originally trained as a printmaker, completing her degree in 1996, this often shows through in the detail of the surface decoration. In 2009 she revisited her love of clay and began to learn the technical skills to make clay her canvas. She is drawn to contrasts and moments in time where different cultures overlap. This is often…

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Christine Earthrowl

Christine Earthrowl I began watercolour painting about 11 years ago while working in the bush with my geologist partner in the Northern Territory. I had only lived in towns beforehand and couldn’t believe the beauty of the native bush in particular the colourful and textured bark of the local eucalypts and other native plants. As a way of expressing my wonder and awe I started painting some of these barks and flowers in watercolour to allow others to see and…

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Jenny Fidler

I’ve always had a love for Art, which started in my early childhood years with chalk drawings on just about anything, concrete pathways, walls no flat surface was safe. It wasn’t until my senior years at high school when I discovered oil paints that I realised that painting was going to play such a big part in my life.  I started with landscapes and seascapes around the Gold Coast, however with no formal training I relied on the techniques of…

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Vicki Whalan

Artist Statement I am a Queensland based artist who draws on nature, the human form and sense of place as inspiration for my artworks. I enjoy working across a wide range of mediums including watercolour, pastel, oil and pencil. My love of flowers is evident in many of my artworks. I am fascinated by the shapes and patterns which are created when light falls on forms such as the delicate petals of flowers. By focusing on smaller parts of an…

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Jenny Williams

Jenny Williams Textile Artist Combining my love of walking, stitching and art, has resulted in the embroidered textile pieces that I produce today. My textile work is inspired by my love for nature, observed whilst walking both here in Australia and overseas. As a child I loved to play in the Rockpool’s near my grandmother’s house. These childhood memories influencing my current ‘Rock Pool’ series. I enjoy building up layers of texture with stitch and found objects, to draw the…

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Margaret Rose Howick

I never tire of nature’s intricate tapestry, tone, colour, texture, light and shade in everything I see. I am also very tactile and enjoy the experience of touch, whether it is a little animal, a bird, fine mosses or massive forest trees, each is a unique experience. I do hope you are able to experience the multi sensory experience I try to achieve in my painting. I began painting in 1980 studying with various tutors over the years in colour…

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